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This is an RPG clicker game in a spooky style with some story in it.

It was created single handedly in 72 hours as part of a Game Jam at Ludum Dare. All of the artwork, music and sounds were downloaded from royalty free websites - credits to the people who created them can be found in the "Credits" option if the game :) (Thanks a lot, really)



- Click-to-Win!

- You can collect currency from killed monsters

- You can buy upgrades for the collected currency

- You can buy automatic clicking (Clicks/second) and upgrade the power of the automatic clicks (AC)

- You can also increase the amount of currency dropped

- Clicking the "Continue" Button after every 5 completed levels (each level has 6 monsters you have to beat) allows you to progress through the game and meet the final boss in the end of the game

- Beating/getting killed by the final boss leads to 2 different endings of the game


Tools used to develop the game :

- Unity for putting the game together

- Fungus for dialogs, screen fading and some sounds

- DOTween for tweening of the objects on screen


Have fun! :)


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